The Whispered Fears of Wayward Boys

Operator: 911, where is your emergency located?

Male Caller: [inaudible] 21 Ramond St, Phoenix.

Operator: Can you repeat that, sir?

Male Caller: 19821 Ramond St, Phoenix, Arizona.

Operator: Ok, thank you, what is your emergency?

Male Caller: My brother is missing.

Operator: He’s missing?

Male Caller: Yes.

Operator: And how old is he?

Male Caller: Eight.

Operator: Ok, hun, what’s your name?

Male Caller: My name is Tyler.

Operator: Ok, what’s your last name, Tyler?

Male Caller: Marman.

Operator: Ok, Tyler, and you said your bother is missing from your house?

Male Caller: I think so.

Operator: And what’s your brother’s name?

Male Caller: Mike.

Operator: Ok and how long has Mike been missing?

Male Caller: I don’t know.

Operator: Ok Tyler, and how old are you?

Male Caller: 15.

Operator: And are your parents at home?

Male Caller: No, it’s just my mom and she’s not home.

Operator: And where’s your dad, hun?

Male Caller: I don’t know. He doesn’t live with us.

Operator: Ok, I have an officer dispatched to you. Is there a gate code or anything else he needs to get to your house?

Male Caller: No.

Operator: Ok, have you searched every room in the house for Mike? Even the closets?

Male Caller: Yes.

Operator: Ok, and have you called his friends to see if he’s with them?

Male Caller: He doesn’t really have any friends. Just neighborhood kids.

Operator: Alright, how about Mike’s school?

Male Caller: Mike didn’t go to school today.

Operator: Ok, was he sick?

Male Caller: [inaudible]

Operator: What’s that, hun?

Male Caller: Yes.

Operator: He was sick?

Male Caller: He was sick, yeah.

Operator: Okay, where is your mom right now, Tyler?

Male Caller: She’s downstairs.

Operator: Ok, can you tell me her name?

Male Caller: Jenna Marman.

Operator: Alright and you asked her if she knew where your brother was, correct?

Male Caller: She doesn’t know.

Operator: Ok. And Mike’s bike is in the garage? You don’t think he pretended to be sick to play outside maybe?

Male Caller: No, he didn’t do that.

Operator: Ok, and you’re sure of that?

Male Caller: Yes.

Operator: Ok Tyler, is there any broken glass anywhere? Windows or other broken objects in the house?

Male Caller: Yes.

Operator: Does it look like someone broke into your house?

Male Caller: No, Mike broke it.

Operator: Ok, and what did he break, hun?

Male Caller: He kicked the coffee table and broke the glass.

Operator: Ok. And when did that happen, Tyler?

Male Caller: Last night when I was helping him.

Operator: Ok, was there an altercation last night?

Male Caller: Yes, he was sick and I was helping him but he didn’t want me to.

Operator: Ok, what were you doing to help your brother, Tyler?

Male Caller: I was trying to get an evil spirit out of him.

Operator: An evil spirit?

Male Caller: Sort of like a demon? It’s been possessing him for almost a month but this [inaudible] and it got ahold of him. He was saying bad things about me and my mom.

Operator: You think Mike is possessed by an evil spirit?

Male Caller: Yeah, he and my mom both were.

Operator: Why did you think your mom was possessed, Tyler?

Male Caller: Because she would do sins to me. Do sinful things to me.

Operator: Can you tell me what kinds of things?

Male Caller: Just bad things. But it wasn’t her fault, it was the demon inside her. That’s how Mike knew about it.

Operator: And what happened last night?

Male Caller: I decided to save them and Mike broke the table when I was trying to get it out.

Operator: And how did you do that?

Male Caller: I cut the demons out.

Operator: You did what, hun?

Male Caller: I cut the demons out.

Operator: Tyler, are there any guns in the house?

Male Caller: No.

Operator: Ok, I want you to go look out the window, do you see any police cars or hear any sirens?

Male Caller: No. Can you ask them to hurry? I’m scared.

Operator: They’re coming as fast as they can, hun, I promise. I just need you to stay calm.

Male Caller: Ok.

Operator: So how did you cut the demons out, Tyler?

Male Caller: Through their heads.

Operator: Through their heads?

Male Caller: Yeah, it’s the only way to save them.

Operator: Ok, and you cut them on their heads?

Male Caller: Yeah. But now my brother is gone.

Operator: And where is your mom, Tyler?

Male Caller: She’s still downstairs.

Operator: Okay.

Male Caller: And upstairs.

Operator: Can you clarify what you mean?

Male Caller: [inaudible]

Operator: Can you repeat that, Tyler? Hold the phone to your mouth, hun.

Male Caller: Yeah, her body is downstairs in the basement but her head is upstairs in the kitchen.

Operator: You cut your mom’s head off?

Male Caller: Yeah, to save her. There was a demon in her and that’s the only way to get it out.

Operator: Ok, do you have any weapons on your person, Tyler?

Male Caller: No.

Operator: Okay, when the police get there I will need you to raise your arms over your head when you come outside.

Male Caller: Okay.

Operator: Did you cut your brother, too?

Male Caller: Yes.

Operator: And he survived?

Male Caller: No, he’s died too.

Operator: Ok, but his body is missing?

Male Caller: Yes [inaudible].

Operator: Is it possible he survived and ran away?

Male Caller: No, he died but he must have come back again.

Operator: Okay, Tyler.

Male Caller: I have his head too.

Operator: You have his head?

Male Caller: Yeah, I kept their head’s for burial at the St. Augustine Episcopalian. They’re in the kitchen. I’m in my room right now.

Operator: So… Tyler-

Male Caller: But his body isn’t in the basement anymore. It’s missing. It was there when I went to sleep but now it’s gone. But my mom’s is still down there, though.

Operator: Ok, help is on the way, Tyler.

Male Caller: Ok, hurry. I don’t know where he went.

Operator: The officers will find your brother, Tyler.

Male Caller: Someone’s knocking on my door.

Operator: Ok, remember to keep your hands raised when the officers enter so-

Male Caller: No, they’re knocking on my bedroom door.

Operator: There’s someone in the house with you?

Male Caller: Just my brother. [inaudible]

Operator: You think your brother is knocking on your bedroom door?

Male Caller: Yeah, I think he’s mad at what I did. I’m not gonna open it.

Operator: Ok, don’t open the door. The officers will be there any minute.

Male Caller: He’s putting his fingers under my door.

Operator: Okay, Tyler, hang on.

Male Caller: His fingers are gray. Can you make them come faster?

Operator: They’re coming as fast as they can, honey, I promise. Help is coming for you. Just remember to do everything the officers-

Male Caller: I don’t have a lock on my door. He’s gonna come in. Are they here yet? I don’t hear any sirens. I’m scared.

Operator: Just hold on, Tyler.

Male Caller: I’m too scared to hold the knob. [inaudible] I don’t want to go over there.

Operator: Okay, hun, just listen to my voice. Can you tell me if you take any medication?

Male Caller: What should I do? He’s gonna come in.

Operator: Ok, Ty-

Male Caller: No! Go away! No! Help me! Oh my god, help me! [inaudible] Oh my god!

Operator: Tyler?

Male Caller: [inaudible and screaming]

Operator: Tyler? Tyler?

Male Caller: [inaudible] he’s killing me!

Operator: Tyler?

Male Caller: [inaudible]

Operator: Tyler?

Male Caller: [silence]

Operator: Tyler?

Quiet Paradise Valley Neighborhood Awakens to Horrific Crime Scene

Phoenix, AZ January 9th, 2015

Residents of a Paradise Valley suburb awoke on the morning of January 9th, 2015 to yellow crime scene tape wrapped around an armada of flashing red and blue lights. Law Enforcement’s attention was held by a small, unassuming house on the corner of Raymond and 24th Place, a house owned by Jennifer Marman where she lived with her two children, 15 year old Tyler Marman and 8 year old Michael Marman.

Inside the house police officers discovered the bodies of all three family members. Jennifer Marman and 8 year old Michael Marmon had been beheaded with a steak knife also found in the house. 15 year old Tyler Marman was also beheaded, although police have said that they do not believe the same murder weapon was used. Rumors continue to circulate that Tyler Marman’s head was physically ripped from his body, along with his arms and legs but law enforcement has not confirmed.

“They were a nice family,” says next door neighbor Ricardo Chavez. “Quiet, kept to themselves. I didn’t see the two boys much but the mother, Jenna, was very pleasant. Very pleasant.”

But not so, according to neighbor Alex Howe, who believes white walls shielded the dark secrets of the Marman family. “The boys were both very odd. The oldest talked to himself a lot and liked to walk up and down the street talking to nothing except the occasional passing car. But the youngest, Michael, he’s the one who worried me. He saw everything, watched everything. There was something not right about that one. I’m sorry for what happened to that family but I just…I don’t know. They weren’t normal.”

For now, police have not shared any leads they may have on a suspect, and the house remains surrounded by yellow crime scene tape. Cadaver dogs and forensics teams continue to search the property and surrounding neighborhoods leading some to speculate that not all body parts have been recovered. A source close to the Marman family told Fox10 news that while the head of 8 year old Michael Marman was found inside the house, the rest of his body has not been recovered. A 911 operator has also been quoted as stating that she received an odd emergency call originating from the house on the night of the murders that she believes came from Tyler Marman in the early hours of January 9th.

For now all we have is speculation about what happened in this quiet Paradise Valley home, and hope that the perpetrator of this triple homicide is caught. Erik Reece, the father of Michael and Tyler Marman, has set up a Gofund Me page in their name to help with the funeral costs of his two deceased sons.

“He’s the nicest boy ever!” Exclaimed 7 year old Cassie, a neighborhood playmate of Michael Marman’s. “He loves to play with me and my brother by the creek. He played with us this morning, even.” When asked for clarification on what she meant, Cassie could only smile. The innocence of youth, it seems, has no reference for time or tragedy.

Sarah Newberry – Fox10 news