WTF is going on in Pinal County, Arizona?

mammothI am going to begin this by saying that I chose this online community because it has the exposure of over 1.4 million people. If anyone reading this is in (or knows someone in) Mammoth, Arizona please contact me immediately via this reddit username.

I also posted this on my website (I run a blog about cold cases) but for some reason I can’t see it. I’ve tried posting it at least 15 times but I’m not getting anywhere. So I really hope this post uploads.

I live in Mammoth, Arizona and nothing has ever happened here worth writing about because, well, Mammoth has a population of around 1,500.

Eleven days ago, on the 3rd, an older woman who runs a home daycare in my town was found dead in her bathroom by a parent who was picking up his daughter. The kids were all really agitated and told police that Mrs. Booker (the deceased) had been yelling at them and bleeding from her eye before she went into the bathroom and collapsed in her bathtub.

Sad, and unpleasant, but not really news. But a day later one of the daycare babies developed a rash and started bleeding from her ear. She died 12 hours later and so did EIGHT other kids from that daycare – all with similar symptoms. This started a shitstorm in my town.

In a town of 1,500 people, attempts the keep people unaware and calm were an utter failure. It was on facebook by the following day. Nine people who had been at the hospital when the kids were starting to trickle in also started exhibiting these symptoms, I’m told. None lasted more than a few days.

By last Friday, 18 people who had indirect contact with the children were reported missing or dead of natural or unknown causes – all had exhibited similar symptoms just before their deaths.

It was at this point that I became directly affected. My sister returned from Oro Valley (the closest hospital) a complete wreck. She had gone to visit her friend’s new baby and upon arriving had been informed that both her friend and her baby had died. Everything I just told you was told to her by a frightened nurse. I fact checked what I could.

My sister was literally hysterical. She was speaking a full octave higher than usual and at twice the speed – I have never seen her act like that before. Her shoulders and arms had bruises so big I thought maybe she’d been in a car accident on the way home. She told me she didn’t know where she’d gotten them and when I tried to put her to bed she freaked out and started screaming at me that my bedroom was too hot. I took her temperature which was 102.8. I convinced her to go to bed.

I fell asleep on the couch shortly after waiting for a call back from our town’s M.E. I woke up to my phone going off – I had 7 texts from friends of mine all reporting the same thing:

Entire families were being found beaten to death all over Mammoth. Blood, bruises, nails and teeth missing, hair ripped out- all of them. I heard reports of anywhere from 14 to 55 dead bodies, depending on who you were talking to. In a state of completely shock, I did the only thing I could do really well on autopilot – I wrote an article about it for my blog.

I made some calls around the city but my usual contacts weren’t picking up. I went to check on my sister and she was bleeding from her ear – heavily. Between that and the bruising, I started to wonder if these were actually home invasions at all. I called the 24 hour urgent care in town but no one picked up. I didn’t want to risk driving her back to Oro Valley. I then tried 911, which also rang endlessly.

I called my friend in Oro who works for a legit newsagent and she told me that they were reporting NW Medical was running a skeleton crew because most of the medical staff had either called in sick or been found dead in their homes. She said she’d seen tanks in Oro.

I woke up the next morning and my sister was gone. I don’t know where she is and I’m too scared to go looking for her.

I have called the CDC multiple times but every time I call the same woman answers. The first time she took a statement and said she’d get back to me. Every subsequent time I’ve called, she immediately puts me on hold. She never comes back to the line.

This morning my contact at the police department finally called me back. He told me the death toll is “incalculable” at this point and that they are being “iced out” by both the state and federal governments at this point with one exception. Two people from the CDC showed up yesterday. My contact overheard them talking about Mrs. Booker’s cancer treatments as if it were relevant… He doesn’t know if it is but he hopes I can make something out of it.

I can’t.

I don’t know about Oro, but my estimation for Mammoth itself is around 40 dead after showing the same symptoms. I haven’t seen any of this in the news, which I’ve been watching religiously. Why not? We have been told the safest place for us right now is inside our homes. I haven’t seen a car pass down my street in two days.

I’m scared. My sister is still missing but I’m too afraid to look for her or go into the room she was sleeping in. My hair is falling out from stress. I’ve been smoking like crazy. This morning I noticed a bruise on my arm. I know my immune system is compromised and I’m too afraid to leave my house. I called my parents in Tucson and left a message but they haven’t called back.

The last I heard from my friend in Oro was Saturday morning. She texted to tell me they had started to find bodies lying in the street. No one is bothering to collect them anymore. I responded but she never texted back.

I’ll update more as soon as I can. Anyone in Oro or Mammoth, please contact me. I haven’t seen another human in over two days and I feel like the last person on earth.

Edit: it’s almost 6 here and a siren has been going off for about ten minutes. I don’t know if it’s a tornado siren or an air raid siren but it’s loud and creepy as fuck.

I noticed a small bruise on my arm that upon further fucking inspection spreads all the way down one side of my back. I’m so fucking scared. I had a breakdown where I just screamed at the wall and cried and there was blood in my tears and that was like an hour ago.

To the person calling businesses here: that is not us answering. Our downtown has been shut down all day. I called a couple places where I know the business owners and employees and the people who answered are not locals. I don’t know what they told you but they’re not from here.

I’m going to go over to the neighbors becAuse I can’t be alone anymore and fuck it, it’s not like I can get it because I’ve already got it. The sirens have me terrified and the sun is almost down here. My name is Lindsey Allen, I’m 29 and I’m from Mammoth, AZ.

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2 thoughts on “WTF is going on in Pinal County, Arizona?

  1. Oh man. Where do I even start…
    First of all, I made this account. Just to comment on this.
    I´ve read all the stories from top to bottom. Some of them multiple times.
    I must say that borrasca was the most intense. followed by paradise pine and blue ridge mountain.
    I do have to say that Mayhem Mountain was frightening and scary as hell!
    And then I got to read The Disappearance of Ashley Morgan and such. Creepy to say the least!
    The boy in the alley was a subtle heart breaker.
    Not even to speak of room 733.
    These were my favorites but it was a strange and really blessed experience and I enjoyed every unnerving one of them.
    Please keep it up!


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