6 thoughts on “Connect

  1. I read Borrasca and I must say I almost hated you. It was one of the darkest stories I’ve ever read and most of it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth but thank you for the happy ending. I don’t really know if I could’ve handled anything else for a story like this one. If possible could I get a reply on Kyle’s condition?


  2. I must know, even if it doesn’t really matter. What happened with Kim, Kyle and Sam after Borrasca V? please, even a 2 lines answer would be a blessing.


    • After the end of Borrasca Sam and Kimber help Kyle recover. its intense and he needs a ton of physical therapy because of his muscle atrophy.

      The three move to the coast. Sam remains clean from heroin. Kimber lets Kyle read the letter. Because Kimber is infertile and because Kyle loves her so much they decide to stay together even though they are half siblings. They adopt children.

      Sam finally meets someone, gets married, and has kids. He still has the nightmares sometimes.


  3. Because Borrasca has been bought, which congratulations on, do you expect it to remain true to your story? also, any hopes of a book with Borrasca 1-5? apologies for only borrasca questions, it probably annoys you to only hear about them when you have other great stories


  4. I came here from r/nosleep after someone mentioned Borrasca. I’ve read all the stories on this site now, your writing is wonderful!


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