Story List

The Afterlife Experiment

Betsy the Doll

Blue Ridge

Borrasca I-V

The Boy in the Alley



The Chandelier

Christmas Magic

Copper Canyon

Dear Nick and Jamie

Death at 421 Stockholm Street

The Lost Town of Deepwood, Pennsylvania

Return to Deepwood, Pennsylvania

Death of Deepwood, Pennsylvania

The Disappearance of Ashley Morgan



Free Diving

Gin and Toxic: an essay on the 1982 Black Canyon Massacre

The Glen


How Do You Kill a Monster?

The Interrogation

It’s Later Than You Think

Lake Kagachante

Lake Wilcom

The Loudest Shadow

Magnum Opus

Mayhem Mountain

Paleontologists Were We

Paradise Pine

The Pocket Watch

Repressed Memories are Meant to Stay Dead

Rocking A Ranch

Rocking Horse creek

Room 733


The Suicide of Bradley Alligan

Tall Man

The Voices Underneath Us

The Whispered Fears of Wayward Boys

Who Killed Sarah Cooper?


WTF is Going on in Pinal County, Arizona?