Books and E-Books

cta-1VOLUME 1

Pages: 144
ISBN-10: 1502780127
ISBN-13: 978-1502780126 


Included in Volume 1:

Betsy the Doll
Death at 423 Steerborn Street
Who Killed Jacob Bennett
Paradise Pine
June 10th, 1999
The Disappearance of Emily Morgan
The Afterlife Experiment
The Glen
Gin and Toxic: an in-depth look into the Black Canyon City Dog Track Massacre
The Creek
The Lost Town of Deepwood, Pennsylvania (Parts 1-3)

Vol. 1 Paperback   

Vol. 1 E-Book



cta-2VOLUME 2

Pages: 196
ISBN-10: 1517039916
ISBN-13: 978-1517039912


Included in Volume 2:

Mayhem Mountain
Blue Ridge
Copper Canyon
Christmas Magic
It Comes on Christmas
Room 733
Paleontologists Were We
The Suicide of Bradley Alligan

Vol. 2 Paperback

Vol. 2 E-Book

capture VOLUME 3

Pages: 166
ISBN-10: 1537236970
ISBN-13: 978-1537236971



Included in Volume 3:

Interstate 37
The Things we see in the Woods
The Chandelier
How Do you Kill a Monster?
The Pocket Watch
The Interrogation
Tall Man
Lake Kagachante

Vol. 3 Paperback

Vol. 3 E-Book



22 thoughts on “Books and E-Books

  1. I for one would love to see a full stand-alone Borrasca book. It could change the world if more people read it I honestly believe that. I’ve never cried and felt so moved by a piece of literature, and I have recommended it to all my friends.


  2. Just bought all three volumes, I can’t wait to dive into them! Definitely gonna keep an eye out for Borrasca if you ever decide to release it as a stand alone book. The ending makes me cry everytime!


  3. I loved Borrasca you really should publish every part in a stand-alone hardback book, I’d not only purchase it for myself but for friends/family as well.


  4. Any info on the movie for Borrasca? I know it was mentioned a few years ago? I think it’s an amazing story that would make an excellent movie!


  5. I heard about you from mrcreepypasta. Borrasca is an amazing story. I really need that as a hardcover copy. Easily one of the best stories I ever heard/read. You know a stories great when you dont want it to end or want to reread it. Youre very talented.


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